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Dating a Fit Girl: Challenge Accepted

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May 9, 2017
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May 9, 2017
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Things You Need to Know before Dating a Fit Chick

Girls in general can get too excited or pleased by some routinely romantic stuff, such as clubbing, having a couple of drinks together late night, or going to the movies…etc. But as for fit girls or female fitness freaks, it doesn’t always work that way bro trust me. For them “it’s my body first before anything else.” Then anything else can comes later on.

But first, some people can ask why the hell would someone date a Gym Bunny?

For lots of folks it may be strange but for gym freaks and maniacs it’s the best thing that can happen for them; first let’s see what the reasons are that drive some to date gymaholic girls.

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  • They look a lot hotter than any other girls even if they wear a plastic bag. She looks even hotter whether in clothes or not.
  • Fitness couples may be sort of each other’s motivation.
  • They are understanding. Especially when it comes to mood swings, dieting, exhaustion…etc.
  • They are independent and know how to take care of themselves well specially carrying their own bags when shopping. Not like other girls.
  • They help you save money, that is, buying protein in bulk instead of few ones for saving.
  • They’ve got confidence like no other girl, about their looks or body or if that dress makes them look fat or any of these stuff.

These are just few reasons to date them, but let’s say you did it and started to date one of them. Things that can excite random girls are just silly stuff for them. So here’s the manual of how you can please your fitness wonder woman.

1) Never Complain about How Much She Eats


Seriously, never do this! Usually fitness girls eat a lot and trust me when I say a lot I mean it. Due to their high metabolism and their muscles, they have to keep eating lots of meals and snacks to preserve these muscles. But don’t worry they will never become fat they know what they are eating and when they are eating it. So want to please her? Step into the kitchen and make her something to eat.

2) Never Put Yourself in Comparison with the Gym

Never complain about how much time she spends in the gym and how much she goes to the gym compared to spending time together. Trust me you will regret this. Her gym time is more important for her than anything on this planet earth. So what you can do is join her at the gym and train together instead of putting yourself in comparison and going through a pointless battle that will end in your loss.

3) Don’t Ask Her out for a Drink

Fit girls as I said focus on each and every thing they consume or eat. How many calories, protein, carbs…etc. So asking them out for a drink is sort of you are asking her to lose what she gains at the gym. So make yourself a favor if you are planning to be a happy couple, don’t ask her out for a drink. Unless this drink is not a zero carbs zero fats protein shake, then DON’T.

4) Danger Zone: Junk Food


Just as the alcohol, if you are planning to spend the night inside, you never suggest ordering pizza or burger and expect no back fire. “Her body is her temple,” never expect her to treat it as her playground. She knows exactly what she’s doing, so don’t come across and decide to ruin it for her. ABORT MISSON, I REPEAT ABORT MISSON!

5) Forget about the Word “Enough”

Never tell her enough with the muscles or talk about how much you like girls without muscles. Because the most normal answer you can get “then go find yourself one.” She is not building her muscles for you. She is enjoying the process and while she is doing so she is not willing to lose what she calls gains for the sake of you or anybody else. Never interrupt or think for a second she is doing that for you.

6) Never Get Too Much Involved

You usually see her in her sweatpants or her spandex and sweats, but that doesn’t mean that every now and then she doesn’t need an occasion to get dressed up once in a while. So a nice dinner anywhere out every now and then will be so much appreciated. Just don’t forget every now and then not on a daily base. She may find that as a threat.

7) Massage


If you have any idea about massages, you nailed it bro. Nothing can be sexier or pleasing for a sports woman or any lady than her guy knowing exactly what he is doing when it comes to massages. Trust me she will love you like nobody else if you increase your massaging skills and instead of being just her lover, be her masseur lover, and that’s even a big turn on for ordinary ladies, imagine how would it be for a gym bunny.

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