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11 Reasons to Love Michelle Lewin

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May 9, 2017
July 9, 2017
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A Quick Brief on Mrs. Lewin

Michelle was born in Venezuela in 1986; she was brought up in Maracay. Since childhood she was already gifted with the an angelic pretty face, but she never thought about the modeling business at the early days because she always saw herself lacking the physical beauty and saw herself as being nongifted femininely. Until, in 2008, she met her husband Jimmy who saw potential in her and kept pushing her and encouraging her to do photo shoots and find her way in the modeling business. This was the real starting point for Michelle where she began to show up as a model in some video clips.

After that Michelle started to shift interests. She started focusing on the field of fitness and physique competitions. She competed in several NPC bikini contests, which, believe it or not, was the first competition Michelle took part in and finished last. But that was only the spark that Michelle needed to start her career.

Nowadays Michelle is considered one of the most, if not the most, important figure in the female fitness modeling industry in the whole world.

Reasons Why We All Social Media Maniacs and Non-Maniacs Follow “La Belle Michelle”

1) How Many Females on Your List Have a Body Like This?!

Let’s be honest. A lot of us know a lot of girls and women who hit the gym daily and post lots of photos of them posing and lots of selfies. But how many of these girls you have on your list can be as good looking or have a sculpture-looking body as Michelle Lewin?

2) True Definition of Selfies

Most of us have been diagnosed with this “selfie-mania” syndrome. Some find it as some sort of a mental disorder or one form of the many forms of narcissism, but can any of us take selfies as beautiful as those of Michelle? I think not. In other words, definitely NOT. You know what’s special also in Michelle’s selfies, no filters required as most of her selfies are taken immediately after waking up with no makeup. That is, she tends to reveal her natural beauty.

 3) Her Smile

Fitness and physique modelling has always been related to hard work, dieting, maximum effort, sweating, and so on. So when you see someone having a tremendous figure like this and also that angelic smile at the same time, ladies and gentlemen you got yourself a Phenomena indeed.

4) Her Feminine Side

You know what really bothers a lot of folks, men and women at the same time, a lady with no lady-like features.

Men think “why the hell should I like a woman with muscles who has no indication of her feminine side,” while women think “eeewww! Gross! She looks like a man.”

So ladies and gentlemen meet the phenomenal Mrs. Lewin. The curvy beautiful lady with muscles everywhere in her body.

5) Not a Freakishly Ripped Bodybuilder

Although everyone can see Michelle’s muscles everywhere, it’s the the kind of muscles that you can never think of as overrated or disgusting. Not like a pro bodybuilder and of course not a normal lady, it’s the mix between beauty and being ripped.

6) Social Media Skills

All Instagram users are following a lot of people they from their list. Some of them are interesting and lots of them are boring and we end up “unfollowing” their pages. What’s unique about Michelle Lewin’s page? She doesn’t post many posts per day nor does she skip day without posting. She posts 3 to 4 posts a day but it’s all about the content and the quality of the posts themselves and also the consistency of these posts on a daily basis. Consistent Motivational Quality Posts! And that’s what really matters.

7) Very Well Chosen Locations

If you get to see Michelle’s photos, you will surely notice the beauty of the locations Michelle chooses to take her photos. Different locations which make her photos special enough and different than those who just pose in their “bathrooms” and post.

8) Every Beauty Needs a Beast

Forget about teenage-like stuff like prince charming, so what could satisfy a woman as much as being married to an iron addict like Jimmy Lewin? Jimmy is also into the fitness industry and also shares the same lifting passion with her; he is also her representer and trainer and helps also in administrating her social media pages and posts. Also he was the one as mentioned before who encouraged her to start with modeling first. As they say “couples who lift together, stay together.” Just take a look at their photos together and see how perfect this couple truly is.

9) Pet Lover

On Michelle’s social media pages, there is always plenty of room for her dogs. Go on check her Instagram, for instance, and see her numerous posts and photos about her dogs and how much she loves them. And yes you can feel the love from the photos. Trust me.

10) A Pretty Latina before Anything

Why do we miss the most important point out here? Forget about the muscles and forget about the physique thing. Let’s go back to the origins. Do I have to remind you all that she is from Venezuela, that is, a Latina. And facts always say Latin RULES!

11) What to Dress and How to Dress

Apart from her posing bikinis, Mrs. Lewin also looks stunning and knows how to dress to impress during events, photo shoots, and even in the gym. She is not that type of lousy fitness freak that only looks good with less clothes on. She is very picky and knows what to wear to reveal her beauty.

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